Students will work in a close-knit team on interdisciplinary single-molecule and single-cell research projects. We have projects in a variety of research areas including (but not limited to):
1. Force-responsive DNA nanostructures
2. Cancer mechanobiology

We are always seeking outstanding students with diverse backgrounds in chemistry, physics, cell/molecular biology, and bioengineering from around the world.

Please email to learn more about our research and open opportunities.

Postdoc positions

2022-05: PDF position in "Force-Responsive DNA Nanostructures"

Postdocs with background in single-molecule techniques and DNA nanotech (specifically DNA origami) are preferred. Please contact me directly ( about this position.

Postdocs are strongly recommended to apply for the following funding opportunities at any stage of their PDF:

Graduate positions

2022-09: PhD position in "single-molecule biophysics and/or mechanobiology"

If you are curious and love to do creative + hands-on + multidisciplinary research, this is for you. All backgrounds are welcome. Students should have a strong track record in physical sciences or engineering. Students in my lab will develop multidisciplinary skills including: single-molecule techniques (fluorescence + force), super-resolution microscopy, DNA nanotechnology, scientific and biomedical instrumentation, cell adhesion, etc. Please contact me first (, and apply through Application & Admission @ UBC Okanagan Campus


Group photos

Undergraduate positions

Thesis and Directed Studies
Students wishing to do Honours Thesis / Directed Studies (CHEM448/449 & BIOC448/449) should contact me directly.

Summer Research
Students at UBC Okanagan should apply for URA and NSERC-USRA.

Work-Study Program
We have N Work-Study positions open for 2022 summer and fall terms. Please check the UBC student job board.

International students
Please check out Mitac Globalink Research Internship.