Welcome to Isaac Li's Research Group @ UBC Okanagan

We study biophysics at the single-molecule and single-cell levels. We are particularly interested in developing tools to understand how cells physically interact with each other and environment. The long-term goal of my research program is to gain mechanistic understandings of mechanobiology processes in disease pathology and develop novel biomedical and biophysical methods for disease diagnosis and treatment. Our current research is focused on the following areas:

  • Mechanobiology at the single-molecule level
  • DNA-based smart biosensors, molecular machines and biomaterials
  • Techniques to manipulate individual molecules and cells
  • Disease screening by extracellular vesicles

Our research is highly interdisciplinary, we work at the interface of cell biology, physical chemistry, biophysics, nanotechnology, and engineering. Talents from all backgrounds are welcomed!





👏 Welcome Dyuti, Shilong, and Elise to our lab this summer!

🏆 Micah and Allison both received the poster presentation award from the Chemistry Undergraduate Research Conference! Congratulations! 🎉
🏆 Congrats to Allison for receiving the URA!
🏆 Congrats to Dyuti for receiving the IURA!
🏆 Congrats to Micah for receiving the NSERC-USRA!
📝 Adam and Yousif's paper on quantitative rolling velocity analysis is accepted in BJ!

🏆 Congratulations to Vanessa for receiving the Stober Foundation Graduate Award in Chemistry!

👏 Welcome Liubov to our lab!
🏆 Liubov also received the IDPT and GDES awards! Congrats!

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