Honours Thesis and Directed Studies Coordinator

2022 Chemistry Undergraduate Thesis Defence + Research Conference

Nucleic Acid - Structure and Function (BIOC410 | CHEM568M)


This multidisciplinary course will discuss the biochemical and biophysical properties of nucleic acid as well as applications of nucleic acid in modern biotechnology and nanotechnology. Topics include DNA/RNA structure and function, physical chemistry of nucleic acid that influences their behaviour in biological systems, techniques to study structure and function of nucleic acid, and DNA bio-nano-technology such as molecular machines, biosensors, DNA origami, and next-gen sequencing.

Schedule: 2021 W1

Cellular and Molecular Biophysics (CHEM422X | BIOC420X | CHEM507X)


The course is a quantitative introduction of the biophysical principles behind a number of molecular and cellular processes. Topics include: basic stat mech, biophysics of macromolecules, DNA mechanics, molecular assembly, molecular machineries, cell motility, mechanobiology, biomolecular networks and pattern formation. Tools and techniques used at the frontier of nanoscience and nano-bio-technology will be introduced including: single-molecule fluorescence and force techniques, super-resolution microscopy, and DNA sequencing. Students are expected to actively participate in class discussion and present/discuss multiple research papers.

Schedule: 2021 W1

Scientific Instrumentation (CHEM319 - under development)


The course's objectives are: (1) Establish a contemporary science class that introduces students to problem-solving through engineering their own software and hardware solutions. (2) Provide students with the technical know-how in building custom instruments to overcome technical challenges thrown their way. (3) Develop the creativity of students by opening their eyes to a virtually limitless world of possibilities. (4) Giving students a much deeper understanding of scientific instruments by seeing each component of the instrument and assembling it with their own hands.

Schedule: 2021 W2

Modern Instrumentation for Single-Molecule Chemistry (CHEM507R)


This course will introduce a variety of modern techniques to study the physical chemistry of individual bio-macromolecules. In particular, single-molecule microscopy and optical manipulation techniques that probes the conformational dynamics and energy landscapes of proteins and DNAs, as well as their interactions will be discussed. As a graduate level course, each student will propose and design a simple yet novel single-molecule experiment to study a particular biochemistry or biophysics problem. The student will then design an optical instrument that can be used to perform the necessary measurement. The experimental design should include with detailed specs of the instrument, methods for calibration, and experiment plans. Students will then present the project in class and lead discussions to critically evaluate the instrument designs and experimental plans. The course aims to give student first hand experience to build tools for their own research needs, a skill that is critically important for research and development in academia and industry.

Schedule: TBD


Past Teaching

2015-2019 - CHEM305 Biophysical Chemistry Lab




Nov. 26, 2021

Oct. 18, 2019
Future of Health
Accelerate Okanagan

Sept.13, 2019
2nd Western Canada Biophysics Conference
Please join us to learn about the biophysics, bioengineering, and chemical biology research. We have Dr. Keng Chou from UBC Vancouver as keynote guest speaker. Local speakers include: Dr. Keekyoung Kim, Dr. Frederic Menard, Click here for more detail.

Dec. 14, 2017
Nobel Night at UBC Okanagan
Fipke Lecture Theatre

Mar.15, 2017
1st Western Canada Biophysics Conference

Please join us to learn about the biophysics, bioengineering, and chemical biology research. We have Dr. Nancy Forde from SFU as keynote guest speaker. Local speakers include: Dr. Mina Hoorfar, Dr. Andrew Jirasek, Dr. Frederic Menard, and myself. Click here for more detail.


Dec. 8, 2016
Nobel Night at UBC Okanagan
Fipke Lecture Theatre

Join us to learn about this year’s Nobel Prize-winning contributions in medicine, physics, chemistry, literature, economics and peace from distinguished UBC researchers. (Highlights)
About the Physics Prize - TBA
About the Chemistry Prize - Dr. Isaac Li,
About the Medicine Prize - Dr. Bruce Mathieson
About the Literature Prize - Dr. Oliver Lovesey
About the Peace Prize - Dr. Jessica Stites Mor
About the Economic Sciences - Dr. Ross Hickey