🏆 Isaac named the UBCO Researcher of the Year.

Examining single molecules for infinite possibilities

🏆 Ryan received the NSERC-USRA and joining us this summer.
🏆 Aryan, Shawn, Enze received the Mitacs Globalink and will be joining us this summer.

🏆 Seongho received the BSC travel award to go to BPS!

📝 Seongho's paper published!
📝 Micah, Dyuti, David's paper published!

🏆 Micah received the Finch Family Award, OKBC2022 presentation award.

👏 Welcome to David, Dyuti, Micah, and Shilong to start graduate school in the lab.
🏆 Micah received the UBC Faculty of Science Entrance Award
🏆 Dyuti, David, Liubov, Adam, Nishtha received the Graduate Research Scholarship

🏆 Adam and Scott received the Graduate Travel Award to BSC, Ottawa.
🏆 Micah and Ally received the Undergradaute Travel Award to BSC, Ottawa.
🏆 Adam received the Best PhD presentation award in the Biochemistry Graduate Seminar
🏆 Micah received the poster award at BSC

Lots to celebrate in April
🏆 Micah received the NSERC-USRA and GDES
🏆 Shilong received the NSERC-USRA, NSERC CGS-M, and a poster award in the Chemistry Undergraduate Research Conference!
🏆 Adam received the Biophysical Society of Canada Trainee Paper Award!
🏆 Nishtha received the GDES!
Our alumni, Yousif is starting his residency in Vancouver!
📝 Bahram's paper is published!

🏆 Isaac received Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) in Single-Molecule Biophysics and Mechanobiology!

🏆 Congrats to Adam, Scott and Liubov on the University Graduate Fellowships!
🏆 Congrats to Adam, Omkar and Liubov on the Special UBCO Graduate Award!
📝 Our first JoVE paper from Scott, Seongho, Adam, Vanessa, Yousif and Katherine is online.
📝 Rafaeal's 3D bioprinting paper published in Biofabrication!

📝 Adam's molecular force quantification paper is in Science Advances!

👏 Welcome Dyuti, Shilong, and Elise to our lab this summer!

🏆 Micah and Allison both received the poster presentation award from the Chemistry Undergraduate Research Conference! Congratulations! 🎉
🏆 Congrats to Allison for receiving the URA!
🏆 Congrats to Dyuti for receiving the IURA!
🏆 Congrats to Micah for receiving the NSERC-USRA!
📝 Adam and Yousif's paper on quantitative rolling velocity analysis is accepted in BJ!

🏆 Congratulations to Vanessa for receiving the Stober Foundation Graduate Award in Chemistry!
📝 Erfan's acoustic force paper published!

👏 Welcome Liubov to our lab!
🏆 Liubov also received the IDPT and GDES awards! Congrats!

📝 Runjhun's review on DNA bending is published in Sensors.

🏆 Welcome Dr. Seongho Kim to join our lab as a postdoc!

🏆 Isaac received the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research (MSFHR) Scholar Award! Time to dissect the mechanobiology of diseases!
🎓 Congratulations to Summer for starting her independent career as an Assistant Professor at Thompson River University!

🏆 Congrats to Adam on getting NSERC PGS-D!
🏆 Congrats to Omkar on getting the UGF and IDPT
🏆 Congrats to Colin on getting the UGF
💰 We just got another CFI!

📝 Adam and Yousif's critical review on molecular force sensor is published on Physical Biology!

💼 We are hosting the second Western Canada Biophysics Conference (WCBC) at UBC Okanagan on Saturday, Sept.14, 2019. All are welcome to attend
🏆 Congrats to Scott on getting the GDES

💰 We just received the NFRF fund!

🏆 Congrats to Adam on getting NSERC CGS-M.

📝 Summer and Alex's paper on exosome made APL bioengineering cover!
📝 Yousif's serial TGT paper is highlighted by Biophys J.
🏆 Congrats to Alex and Victoria on getting NSERC USRA summer fellowship.
🏆 Congrats to Sydney on getting URA summer fellowship.

📝 Positional paper on Minimal information for studies of extracellular vesicles standard (MISEV2018) is published in JEV with colleagues in the EV field.

📝 Congrats to Adam on his first paper in collaboration with Susan Murch, now published in Journal of Pineal Research
🏆 Congrats to Adam on receiving the graduate travel award to BSC 2019 meeting in Toronto.
💰 Eminence cluster with Dr. Soheil Mahmoud is funded!

🎓 Yousif successfully defended his MSc! My first MSc student!
👏 Welcome Omkar to the lab, co-supervised with Fred Menard.

🎓 Yousif got into UBC's medical school program in Kelowna, Congratulations!
🎓 Keith got into U of T's graduate program in Chemistry, Congratulations!

🏆 Adam received a poster award in the URC conference, Congrats Adam!
🏆 Congratulations to Alexander Corbett, who received the NSERC-USRA to work in our lab this summer.
👏 Welcome Dr. Yuechao Tang and Dr. Summer Li to join the lab as Eminence postdocs!

🏆 Congratulations to Sydney Fearnley, who received the URA award and will join the lab this summer!

🏆 Congratulations to Yousif Murad, who received the graduate travel award!

💰 We receive funding to establish 2 Eminence research clusters at UBC Okanagan!

👏 We received Mitacs Globalink support to host Zhongyi Dai this summer. Welcome to the lab Zhongyi!
👏 Welcome Adam Yasunaga to the lab, and congratulations on getting the Undergraduate Research Award (URA)!
💰 Our lab is now NSERC-DG funded!

💼 We are hosting the first Western Canada Biophysics Conference (WCBC) at UBC Okanagan on Wednesday, Mar. 15, 2017. All are welcome to attend
📝 Our cell rotation tracking and molecular footprinting paper accepted to Sci Rep!

👏 Welcome Sara Tasnim, the second MSc student to join the lab! And congratulations on receiving the GDES!

💰 We received another work-study program funding!

💰 We received the UBC Internal Research Fund!

💰 We got infrastructure matching fund from BCKDF!
👏 Welcome Nolan Frymire to join the lab.

👏 Welcome Yousif Murad, the first MSc student to join the lab.
👏 Sophia Ng, Victor Sun, and Christine Furrer will join the lab for undergraduate thesis, welcome!
👏 Dawei Gu and Sabrina Slade joins the lab for summer research, welcome!

💰 We got funded by Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI)!

📝 Manuscript on single molecule tension sensor construction is published in Scientific Report!

👔 Dr. Li joins Department of Chemistry at UBC Okanagan!

📝 Our manuscript on how osmolyte influence hydrophobic interaction is published in PNAS!

📝 Our manuscript on the role of single molecular force dictating integrin based cell spreading is published in Integrative Biology!