Welcome to the Li Lab!

We build DNA-based molecular tools to study how cells physically interact using single-molecule and quantitative imaging methods. We deploy these tools to study mechanical cellular processes involved in diseases such as cancer. The lab works at the interface of cell biology, biochemistry, biophysics, nanotechnology, and bioengineering. Talents from all backgrounds are welcomed!

We are hosting the Okanagan Biophysics Conference (OKBC2022), to promote and showcase biophysics. Everyone's welcome to join us in person and virtually! Please visit the conference website for more details.





🏆 Isaac named the UBCO Researcher of the Year.
🏆 Ryan received the NSERC-USRA and joining us this summer.
🏆 Aryan, Shawn, Enze received the Mitacs Globalink and will be joining us this summer.

🏆 Seongho received the BSC travel award to go to BPS!

📝 Seongho's paper published!
📝 Micah, Dyuti, David's paper published!

🏆 Micah received the Finch Family Award, OKBC2022 presentation award.

👏 Welcome to David, Dyuti, Micah, and Shilong to start graduate school in the lab.
🏆 Micah received the UBC Faculty of Science Entrance Award
🏆 Dyuti, David, Liubov, Adam, Nishtha received the Graduate Research Scholarship

🏆 Adam and Scott received the Graduate Travel Award to BSC, Ottawa.
🏆 Micah and Ally received the Undergradaute Travel Award to BSC, Ottawa.
🏆 Adam received the Best PhD presentation award in the Biochemistry Graduate Seminar
🏆 Micah received the poster award at BSC

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