Welcome to the Li Lab!

We build DNA-based molecular tools to study how cells physically interact using single-molecule and quantitative imaging methods. We deploy these tools to study mechanical cellular processes involved in diseases such as cancer. The lab works at the interface of cell biology, biochemistry, biophysics, nanotechnology, and bioengineering. Talents from all backgrounds are welcomed!

We are hosting the Okanagan Biophysics Conference (OKBC2022), to promote and showcase biophysics. Everyone's welcome to join us in person and virtually! Please visit the conference website for more details.





Lots to celebrate in April
🏆 Micah received the NSERC-USRA and GDES
🏆 Shilong received the NSERC-USRA, NSERC CGS-M, and a poster award in the Chemistry Undergraduate Research Conference!
🏆 Adam received the Biophysical Society of Canada Trainee Paper Award!
🏆 Nishtha received the GDES!
Our alumni, Yousif is starting his residency in Vancouver!
📝 Bahram's paper is published!

🏆 Isaac received Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) in Single-Molecule Biophysics and Mechanobiology!

🏆 Congrats to Adam, Scott and Liubov on the University Graduate Fellowships!
🏆 Congrats to Adam, Omkar and Liubov on the Special UBCO Graduate Award!
📝 Our first JoVE paper from Scott, Seongho, Adam, Vanessa, Yousif and Katherine is online.
📝 Rafaeal's 3D bioprinting paper published in Biofabrication!

📝 Adam's molecular force quantification paper is in Science Advances!

👏 Welcome Dyuti, Shilong, and Elise to our lab this summer!

🏆 Micah and Allison both received the poster presentation award from the Chemistry Undergraduate Research Conference! Congratulations! 🎉
🏆 Congrats to Allison for receiving the URA!
🏆 Congrats to Dyuti for receiving the IURA!
🏆 Congrats to Micah for receiving the NSERC-USRA!
📝 Adam and Yousif's paper on quantitative rolling velocity analysis is accepted in BJ

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